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WE are Web Editor

Web Editor is an online website manager created by QL Studio, which includes a wide-range of easy to use tools for building and maintaining accessible, feature-rich and attractive websites.

Web Editor offers an easy way for non-technical website owners to maintain and develop rich, attractive and reliable websites - why not join in.

User Guides

Below you will find a collection of user guides that cover many of the basic and more advanced options available in Web Editor

We are currently working on expanding and improving the collection of online guides to using Web Editor to reflect the latest design and technology changes.

General Overview of Web Editor

This section gives an overview of the general concept of Web Editor, and features a collection of short articles which are aimed as jargon-free introductions to some of concepts which users will face when using this web-application.

Words, Images, Video and Sound.

This section covers all aspects of adding, editing and formatting content in websites using Web Editor, including images, text, video and sound.

Website Modules and Plug-ins

Web Editor Modules expand the functionality of your website quickly and easily, making your website more attractive to visitors - this section covers how they work and what can be done with them.

Technical Guides for Web Developers

Web Editor has a multi-level user access system which allows website clients to access the features they require without being overwhelmed by all the technical features available, which are only available to website developers.

Known Bugs and Technical Issues

Despite the many life-times of work that have gone into developing Web Editor and the 3rd party extensions such as KFM and FCK - there are still a few known issues, which you will find listed on this page.

Credits and Thanks

There is a long list of people, groups and organisations whose knowledge, energy and support ensure the continual growth of Web Editor.